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Combined Heat and Power or Co-Generation is the capture of both heat and power production produced, in our case through a modified diesel engine, from the combustion of fuel.

CHP is inherently far more energy efficient than that achieved within road vehicles as there is only a 45% fuel to energy retrieval rate, nearly all the residual heat energy approaching 47% is lost or wasted to the environment.

Our CHP units, using modified diesel engines achieve a high energy conversion / retrieval rate as they are housed in acoustically, environmentally maintained and monitored units that in themselves produce high efficiency electrical energy generation.

Further energy produced in the form of hot water is captured not only from the engines hot water circuit, exhaust gas circuit and oil circuit but also a high proportion of ambient heat loss emitted from the generating coils, engine housing and components is further captured within the controlled conditions in its housing.

Potentially achieving a 97% energy conversion / capture rate for every litre of processed used cooking oil burnt.

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