Bio Driven producers of EN14214 compliant Biodiesel.
helping the environment and your pocket

Bio Driven over the years has developed a strong national and international client base, assisting companies consign their existing waste streams of used cooking oil for conversion to the sustainable biodiesel energy sector.

Our commitment to the fast changing sustainable bio fuels market has been essential to us with our developments within the industry.

Combined Heat and Power or co-generation has become a focussed investment following a natural progression for ourselves. From our understanding and expertise in biodiesel production and oil processing our developments have evolved into a new generation of power production with our modified diesel engines that have been designed to run on straight processed used cooking oil, negating the need for conversion to Biodiesel helping to maximising energy returns at the same time minimising carbon emissions.

We own, run and maintain the modular units, ranging from 150kva to 500kva which are primarily tailored to the food processing / manufacturing industry where available on site bulk used cooking oil can contribute to localised sustainable green energy production. Reducing the inherent carbon footprint with in the logistics chain of removal / disposal and potentially stabilising a proportion of energy costs.

The company is licensed by The Environmental agency for Bio diesel production.
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